Narendra Bahadur Chand Receives International Mahatma Gandhi Peace Award at UK Parliament

The prestigious International Mahatma Gandhi Peace Award was conferred upon Mr. Narendra Bahadur Chand during a solemn ceremony held at the esteemed..........

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Narendra Bahadur Chand with Hon. Minister Alok Sharma on Housing Initiatives.

In a momentous occasion, Narendra Bahadur Chand had the honor of capturing a photograph with the distinguished Honorable Minister Alok Sharma, Minister of State......

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Narendra Banadur Chands Meeting with Honorable Ex-Prime Minister H. D. Deve Gowda

In a noteworthy and cordial rendezvous, Mr. Narendra Banadur Chand recently had the privilege of meeting with the esteemed former Prime Minister of India, H. D. Deve.....

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